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Consumers have the piece of mind, if they ever have an issue or dispute with a NARI Greater Cleveland Contractor, our Chapter provides a Grievance procedure to help resolve issues without arbitration.  

CLICK HERE to download a Consumer Complaint Form

Processing Your Complaint

All complaints must be in writing. Please contact the NARI Greater Cleveland Office at (216) 631-7764 and the Ethics Committee liaison on staff, will mail you a complaint packet. Once you receive the packet, completely fill out the Consumer Complaint form or the Member to Member Complaint form and mail it back to the NARI office, along with a copy of the original contract, any change orders, any and all warranties, and any other documents you feel may add credibility to your cause.  NOTE: NARI only considers complaints received within one year of the date of original breach of contract. NARI will not be able to act as a third party mediator if either party has contacted an attorney.


Once the NARI office has received your complaint packet, the following steps are taken:

  1. A NARI Staff member, the liaison for the Ethics Committee, will verify all information and that the company/contractor in question is an actual and current member of NARI. A letter will then be sent to the consumer either acknowledging the receipt of the complaint packet or asking for more information should it be required. The consumer is expected to reply to the request for additional information within 10 business days.
  2. Once verified, accurate and in order, the Member Company will be notified of the complaint against them and the proper response forms will be sent to them via mail. The Member Company has 14 days to respond. A copy of the complaint will also be forwarded to the Ethics Committee and/or Chairperson.
  3. The Ethics Committee shall attempt to mediate the complaint between the consumer and the Member Company. Mediation generally involves making contact with both parties, arranging for one party to contact the other and/or may involve some correspondence. Most complaints are resolved at this time, as poor communication between the parties is the main reason most complaints occur. If a resolution has been reached, the consumer should forward a letter of satisfaction to the NARI office for final closure of the complaint and/or a Complaint Resolution Form will be sent to them to sign-off on.
  4. If mediation through communication cannot reach an equitable solution, the Ethics Committee may elect to have a member of its committee, designated member of the industry and/or a staff person visit the site for visual inspection and further verification of the facts (referred to as a site visit). Upon completion of the site visit, a recommendation will be set before the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee will review the recommendations and if agreed upon, the recommendation will be forwarded to the Member Company or the consumer (who ever is found to be at fault).If the Member Company is found to be at fault, the Ethics Committee expects them to respond to the recommendations within 10 business days. If the Member Company complies and resolves the complaint following the Committee’s recommendations, the consumer should forward a letter of satisfaction to the NARI Office for final closure of the complaint or a Complaint Resolution Form will be sent for the consumer’s signature. If the Member Company chooses not to respond to the recommendations of the Ethics Committee, the Committee will forward the entire complaint to the full Board of Directors for further action.


This process may take upwards of 60 days, however, NARI has a 95% success rate during the mediation process. If we are unable to resolve the complaint, NARI will suggest pursuing arbitration.

QUESTIONS? Call 216-631-7764

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